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Understanding Your Sphere of Availability Audio MP3

From a maverick esoteric thinker and author of the 1960’s

The inspiration for this came from a rare forgotten book called: The Art and Practice of Getting Material Things Through Creative Visualisation by Ophiel.

This technique is best used for getting material things.

The Western world seems generally more concerned with ‘things’, whereas the East is more interested with experience.

The West is about techniques that make a change and get results.

The East is more about the processes for spiritual growth, development, a higher connections to the source.

A happy balance of both, I have found, is perfect for modern living.

Understanding Your Sphere of Availability Blueprint

    Step #2

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    The Limiting Story Destroyer MP3

    In this session you first clear the way to create a solid foundation on which you can build a brighter future. You can either go into this short guided process with a limiting belief in mind or simply relax and let the process work on a deeper level.

    Listen to the Limiting Story Destroyer guided process 3 - 5 times in the first week.

    • Your Limiting Belief Destroyer (MP3)
      Your Limiting Belief Destroyer (MP3)

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    Step #3

    Sphere of Availability Hypno-Meditation for Manifestation

    This is the full Sphere of Availability Hypno-Meditation, each time you listen to this recording the concepts of the Sphere of Availability become clearer to you, as well as focusing your Reticular Activation System on the things inside your Sphere of Availability that you want but don't yet have bringing them closer to you and expanding your Sphere of Availability to manifest more into your life.

    Start with a thing in your mind that is within your Sphere of Availability that you don't yet have. Focus your mind on attracting situations, opportunities and people into your life that help you enjoy, experience and have more of your Average Perfect Day - APD, (See Your Ultimate Guide to Treasure Charts and How to Make Them Work for you for more on your APD).

    Taking your Sphere of Availability to a whole new level. This Hypnosis Session...

    Listen to the Sphere of Availability Hypno-Meditation 3 - 5 times in the first week.

    Step #4

    Keep a journal of the amazing coincidences, experiences and items that come to you…

    because I want to hear about them! Write your AMAZING experiences up and send them to me.

    A Gratitude Journal should be a beautiful book... because it's YOUR LIFE in it. Buy a nice journal and keep track of ALL the coincidences, syncronisities, chance events, luck and people, things and situations that manifest into your life. And read back through your journal looking at a few amazing stories and events your have written about that you are grateful for at least once a week.

    I could write and talk all day about gratitude, here are a couple of things I've created that will help you boost your gratitude and feel more abundant...

    Listen to my Morning Gratitude Booster NLP Process and you can download it here
    Listen to Gratitude of the Taken for Granted Mp3, this is one of my most popular blog posts

    Non Bonus Bonus

    Your Ultimate Treasure Chart Guide

    Vision boards, or dream boards have become popular recently, however these are a simplified versions of a Treasure Chart and often miss out on some of the aspects that make them really work. In this guide I give you everything you need to start using this powerful technique and start getting results from it.