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The Sphere of Availability

Are you ready to experience more coincidences, synchronicities and magnetic examples of manifesting in your life?

The more you tune your awareness to unexpected good luck and fortune, the more you will experience it in life. 

Where you put your attention... you make things happen.

You focus and stimulate your Reticular Activation System for effortless success.

"A Breakthrough Realisation in Manifesting"

If you have ever struggled to manifest things into your life…

If you still haven’t successfully reached that big goal despite all your positivity and action taking…

Then be prepared for a HUGE ‘Aha' moment because the Sphere of Availability is the breakthrough realisation you have been searching for.

The reason some people are prolifically successful at manifesting and why so many others fail to successfully manifest their desires really comes down to understanding and implementing your Sphere of Availability…

"The Sphere of Availability is Best Used for Obtaining Material Things"
Edward C. Peach aka Opheil

Inspired By the Age Old Technique for:
"Getting Material Things Through Creative Visualisation"

bookDashing into a bookshop on Glastonbury high street to avoid the rain one spring afternoon (not that I need much encouragement to go into bookshops), it was like the timing of the rain and my position on the high street were cosmically aligned…   

You see this was no ordinary bookshop… the shelves are full of rare manuscripts, unique books all with fascinating topics… it’s a treasure trove of information and enlightenment.

As I entered it was like one book was calling out, it literally jumped off the shelf at me. It was a book that mentioned another book, that lead me on a search to find a rare out-of-print work called:

The Art and Practice of Getting Material Things Through Creative Visualization By Opheil

Over the last couple of years I have been researching further and expanding upon Opheil’s ideas to create this empowering Manifestation Program.

Combining my research and Opheil’s teachings with the effortless power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis

Taking the Sphere of Availability process to the next level.

So Just What is Your Sphere of Availability?

When most people first hear about the Law of Attraction they tend to think about having a huge house, a fast car, holidaying or living by tropical beaches, not having to work anymore… you know the kind of thing.

Then comes the daydreaming about having it all, maybe even putting up a ‘vision board’ but for 99.9% of people absolutely NOTHING happens!

Typically they are starting from a place of debt and imagining being a multi millionaire in just a few months time.

Then it doesn’t work. Nothing happens.


Simply put, these things just aren’t in the persons Sphere of Availability.

If you’re flat broke or hard up, setting your sights on a Ferrari and a mansion by the beach just isn’t practical.

They are way too far out of reach… at that time… but it is possible to expand your Sphere of Availability to include them.

And therein is the key.

This process is NOT about bringing things into your Sphere, it’s about expanding your Sphere of Availability to encompasses them.

Wallace Wattles (best selling author of the Science of Being Trilogy) said that before you can ascend to the next plane you must first fulfil your current plane.

You must succeed in the first steps by manifesting the things already within your Sphere of Availability, then you can expand your sphere to encompass more.

A great friend of mine and LOA speaker is always talking about manifesting the things that are within reach... and I've been talking about 60 day goals with my Inner Circle for years (60 Day Goals that you can achieve within the next 60 days, that move you towards your ultimate Average Perfect Day).

Like I Said, Things Fit into One of Three Different Categories...

  • The things that you have, own and use. These are inside your Sphere of Availability.
  • Things that you don’t have and want, that you could have right now, tomorrow or this week that are are inside or on the edge of your Sphere of Availability
  • Then there are things that you want that you don’t have that are not inside your Sphere of Availability… Yet!

Why don't you already have the life you dream of? Just what Are the Stories You Tell Yourself that Hold You Back?

We all have them... you know the kind of thing, they normally start with: "I can't because..."

Then there is a 'very good' sounding reason why you can't do something.

But it's just a story you tell yourself, one you've been listening to for years... I'll let you into a secret. We call it a hypnotic suggestion!

Yep, you've been hypnotising yourself to believe that you can't because of some story...

and the CRAZIEST part is, it might even be someone else's story that they told you!

Well meaning parents and teachers do this to their kids ALL the time, then they grow up believing and repeating the story. 

These Hypnotic Suggestions are Powerful

Simply telling yourself makes no difference...

Millions of people tell themselves that they are going to change every New Year. They make a 'resolution', they use will power, but then the old habits that are so ingrained simply overpower their conscious desire.

These Unconscious Programs Need to be Changed at a Deeper Level.

Your unconscious mind has many of these programs running all the time, they are the programs that control your behaviours and actions. These programs are like the one that tells you to put your foot on the brake peddle when someone steps out in front of you, or makes you pull your hand from something hot without thinking, they are the programs running on autopilot... and some of them are out of date and dysfunctional.

The GOOD NEWS is that these unconscious patterns are ones that you have learned. You weren't born with the instinct to jump out of the way of danger and keep yourself safe, these are the things that your parents taught you.

You are a learning machine and you can learn new habits that make you more abundant.

There is a scarcity mentality perpetuated through the media, from many different sources. Simple sayings like: “Money is the root of all evil”, the endless talk of recession on the news all these and many more support limiting beliefs about abundance.

There are many types of scarcity beliefs... not enough time, lack of good education, failure to succeed, inability to lose weight and the list goes on...

Cutting out the source of these scarcity mentalities and toxic environments won't heal the damage done.

These beliefs are hardwired they need some deep reprogramming to change them.

Reprogramming Your Mind with Hypnosis: Bypassing the Critical Thinking Part of Your Brain

Cutting straight through to the subconscious to effortlessly reprogram your mind for instant changes.

As you go deep into your subconscious you bring out hidden talents, new ideas, and increased abilities you never had access to before.

Hypnosis is a way to gain more control over your emotions. Gain more control over your thoughts and behaviours.

It’s a way to bypass your limiting beliefs and short cut to becoming a better you.

The proven results of hypnosis speak for themselves and are used by: Successful Entrepreneurs, Hollywood Celebrities, Professional Athletes, Musicians, and the list just goes on and on. It's time for YOU to have the Attitude of Success too.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Get What You Want, When You Want it

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a set of communication skills and techniques… it's a way of taking control of your own internal programming.

If you have fears that control you, limiting beliefs that hold you back… you don’t have to accept them and NLP gives you step by step techniques and skills to be the way you want to be. Plus NLP can help you move forward and achieve results you never dreamed of. 

What Can NLP Do For Me?

Motivation: Learn how YOU can motivate yourself to take action and make things happen

Confidence: Learn a number of techniques to boost your confidence

Emotions: Don’t let them rule you, be in control of your emotions

Relationships: Enhance your relationships with others, family, friends, colleagues…

Behaviours: Change the behaviours that hold you back  AND be the person you want to be

Harnessing the Power of Meditation

You don't have to be an expert at reading ECG scans to SEE the difference between the before and after images of meditation here.

Your brain waves change when you meditate!

The effects of meditation on your body and the changes that happen to your brain when you meditate have been scientifically proven. But they have also been known about for centuries, by many cultures long before science was the mainstream.

Sphere of Availability Deep Hypnotic Meditation

Building on Understanding Your Sphere of Availability and after banishing your limiting stories and beliefs with the Limiting Story Destroyer.

The Next Step is the full length Sphere of Availability Hypno-Meditation. 

Each time you listen to this recording the concepts of the Sphere of Availability become clearer and clearer to you. You begin focusing your Reticular Activation System on the things inside your Sphere of Availability that you want and expanding your Sphere of Availability to manifest more things effortlessly into your life.

Start seeing Instant Results, Coincidences and Synchronicities in your favour. Feel instantly more abundant and move forward with the conviction of a successful person


  • Understanding and Recognising where your Sphere of Availability currently is
  • Setting your Reticular Activation System for Manifesting the things that you want that are currently within your reach
  • Expanding your Sphere to start manifesting your bigger goals and living the life of your dreams

Understanding Your Sphere of Availability


The Western world seems generally more concerned with ‘things’ whereas the East is more interested with experience.

The West is about techniques that make a change and get results.

The East is more about the processes for spiritual growth, development, and a higher connection to the source.

A happy balance of both, I have found, is perfect for modern living.

In Understanding Your Sphere of Availability you will discover the secrets to controlling and manipulating your sphere, and the powerful techniques that are key to your manifesting success.

It’s time to start looking for Coincidences and Synchronicities in your life, it's time to start Manifesting the things you desire.

Understanding Your Sphere of Availability Conscious Mind Primer

Master Hypnotist and NLP Trainer John Vincent narrates this, because learning in multiple mediums is best…

You can now Visually (with the Pdf) and auditory with this session prime your unconscious mind before the deep mind reprogramming hypno-Meditation experience.

The Limiting Story Destroyer

 Combining the power of NLP, Visualisation and Relaxation…

Get ready for a magical journey in this 12 minute guided visualisation to destroy any and all of your limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving the things you want.

In this session you first clear the way to create a solid foundation on which you can build a brighter future. And you can either this short guided process to target specific limiting beliefs you have or simply relax and let the process work on a deeper level.

It’s to time to let go of the blocks and move forward with your manifestations.

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The Non-Bonus

Your Ultimate Guide to Treasure Charts and How to Make them Work for You

Vision boards, or dream boards have become popular recently, however these are a simplified versions of a Treasure Chart and often miss out on some of the aspects that make them really work.

Welcome to this short treaties on Treasure Charts, in it I intend to give you everything you need to start using this powerful technique and start getting results from it.

Read Your Ultimate Guide to Treasure Charts

Take time to create your Average Perfect Day (or days)

Follow the guide to make Your Treasure Chart work for you

And USE the Timeline Process to cement it into your future

This non-bonus bonus is included for completeness. It’s included because Treasure Charts are very powerful. And it’s included because the many concepts and techniques I share within it will change your life.

It’s extra… but not essential for Your Success with the Sphere of Availability.

It’s called the non-bonus because its the bases of a FULL program in it’s own right. You don’t actually need to read this Bonus Treaty or even use the principles I share within it to succeed with the Sphere of Availability.

Using the Sphere of Availability Manifestation Program alone, you will achieve amazing results.

In Summary: Everything You're Getting Today

When You Invest in the Sphere of Availability Today You Will Receive:

1. Understand Your Sphere of Availability - PDF Blueprint

2. Understanding Your Sphere of Availability - Instant High Quality Audio Book MP3

3. The Limiting Story Destroyer Guided Visualisation - Instant High Quality Audio MP3

4. The Sphere of Availability Deep Hypnotic Meditation - Instant High Quality Audio MP3

5. Your Non-Bonus Ultimate Guide to Treasure Charts - PDF Blueprint

So If You Are Interested In:

  • Releasing emotional blocks holding you back
  • Banishing the self-limiting beliefs that are blocking your path to happiness and abundance
  • Nourishing your true potential and flooding your body with feelings of Gratitude
  • And stepping into a brighter future (one where you believe in yourself and your abilities to succeed), so you can get the results you want and deserve

All at a HUGE discount because you are part of this wonderful community and interested in developing yourself and becoming the best you can be

Inspired By the Age Old Technique for: Getting Material Things Through Creative Visualisation

Brought into the 21st century with hypnosis, NLP and meditations...

Get started with the Sphere of Availability Program and start having success with manifesting the things you want in your life for just $27

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Risk Free. Give The Sphere of Availability 60 days, and if you are not happy and don’t find yourself making positive changes, just let me know and I will refund your purchase in full…no questions asked.

I think you will be surprised how comprehensive and yet simple to implement this series is and that you will be 100% satisfied.

Your satisfaction is my #1 priority, so if you are not happy, I don’t want your money. It’s as simple as that. Love it or your money back.

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